Welcome to Coach Kan Lifestlye

I want to help others have an easier, happier, richer and more fulfilling life.

I was born in Bangkok and worked as a professional chef for many years in some of Bangkok’s busiest restaurants. Although I love Thailand, I was unhappy with the work/life balance and moved to UK for a better life in 2011. Since then I have discovered a passion for coaching and sharing my tips for a happier life.

I have also acquired an interest in makeup and beauty, going back to BKK to re-train as a makeup artist.

I love reviewing products, everything from hair and makeup, fashion accessories, travel items and more. I will share my cooking secrets of how to make amazingly delicious food with simple ingredients. I will also teach you how to get the best prices when on holiday in Thailand.

Product reviews

Everything from beauty products, diet items, fashion buys, travel accessories and more

life coaching

I can help you put a plan together to make your life more successful, richer and happier

Thai cooking

I am a professionally trained Thai chef, having worked in some of Bangkok's busiest restaurants, I can't wait to share my cooking techniques with you!

travel tips

I've travelled all around Thailand and parts of East Asia. I can help you find the best deals, hotels, restaurants and Thai secrets!