Hi there! Thank you for stopping by my page. I’m a Thai national who moved to the UK in 2011 to change my life.

Life is truly too short, so we have to make the most of the time we have on this amazing planet.

I’ve decided now is the time to share my experiences and help make your life better too!

I want to share my life lessons, cooking techniques, beauty tips, and travel experiences, because I think I’ve lived long enough to learn a lesson or two!

My product reviews will give you simple, impartial advice on beauty, diet, travel, and fashion items that I frequently use and recommend.

In Thailand, I was a professional chef working in some of the busiest restaurants in Bangkok. I have a passion for food and cooking and will be revealing my secrets of how to create delicious Thai recipes, with simple ingredients and utensils.

I’ve travelled to every corner of Thailand, so can share the best locations and travel experiences to get the most out of your holiday. I can also teach you how to get the cheapest deals and save you money on your holiday!

Hope you enjoy my blog 🙂

Coach Kan

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